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when i was in england, I remember all my flatmates were djs. we would crawl back from a night out in the middle of the freezing cold at "god-knows-what-o'clock" and end up in our kitchen, compare notes about the night's events, then pass out after a late snack of cheesy vegemite toast. 

at the time, I thought life couldn't get much better than that. i guess that's how I was hooked. i picked up some of their tricks and started dj-ing at a few bars when I got to singapore. 

there's something about playing at a small venue that allows you to connect with the crowd. some nights, you haven't got a choice - that's when someone will insist that you play some god-awful track (for the 4th time!) - still that's part of the fun. 




i've spun mainly at bars and pre-club venues in the Singapore - from house bars and loungy (if there is such a word) settings that littered the Mohd Sultan strip, to singapore's first acid jazz bar. of late, i've appeared at some of chemistry's alter ego parties and collaborated with other musicians - i've been there and done that. so what now? i'm looking for more; to soak it all up and string together a concoction of tracks soaked in every ingredient of a great night out. 

go on...have a listen.