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this is house mix; stripped, laid bare in it's purest form - a thumping bass, a sick melody. nino santos gets the crowd going with "fairytale". phunk investigation takes it to the next level with "critical". then, we get into a darker shade of house with kaiserdisco and mr buzz, and we finish off with manuel de la mare's "ops-locka"and back-to-back winners by mark knight. suh-weet!...

track / artist

1. fairytale (original mix) / niño santos & lightem

2. critical (original mix) / phunk investigation, schumacher

3. last train to party (original mix) / alberto pascual

4. semiramis (original mix) / kaserdisco

5. bamboo (original mix) / mr bizz

6. no turning back (dj sneak turned mix) / tripmastaz

7. show me love 2k12 (crazibiza mix) / sean finn

8. opa-locka (original club mix) / manuel de la mare, luigi rocca

9. alright (original club mix) / mark knight

10. together (original club mix) / mark knight