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this is at the august chill out mix....been waiting, wanting to do this. to take it down a notch, curl up with some awesome tunes. i get you in the mood with ambient sounds from marco madia's "landfall", followed by ohm-g's "one". you can't chill without a few jazzy numbers. let's face it - slip in some "home-brew technology" and a little hip hop from "9 in common". i go latino with "fiesta" and that classic "tequila". "jk soul's C" sends you packing.

track / artist 

1. landfall (ambient version) (original mix) / marco madia

2. one (original mix) / ohm-g

3. xtall (original mix) / aphex twin

4. jazzy n snazzy (original mix) / home-brew technology

5. jealous (original mix) / 9 in common

6. nubello (original mix) / dj kambala

7. one day / reckoning song (wankelmut remix) (club mix) / wankelmut / assay avidan

8. fiesta (akshin alisada remix) / 80s casual

9. tequila (gardener of delight extended mix) / tape five

10. c (radio edit) / jk soul

here we are. a trance mix for you. need kennedy gets us off with a smashing melody in "one step behind"; there are so many big numbers here, it just does not stop. tom cloud's "the sky is the limit" takes over, from the nitrous oxide remix of "contrast" by sunny lax, to the man himself, armin van buuren and "j'ai envied de toi" - it's all good. enjoy...

track / artist

1. one step behind (akimbo k remix) / need kennedy

2. the sky is the limit (original mix) / tom cloud

3. still there's you, feat. jazz (original mix) / max graham, jaza

4. contrast (nitrous oxide remix) / sunny lax

5. nautica (original mix) / dan stone, nitrous oxide

6. symmetric, feat. austin leeds (extended mix) / austin leeds, paul van dyk

7. j'ai envie de toi (protoculture radio edit) / armin van buuren, gaia

8. retrograde (original mix) / nori & rad

9. silence in your heart, feat chris madin (antialias remix) / dash berlin, chris madin

10. the ocean, feat arty (extended mix) / paul van dyk / arty